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Afghan Waterworks

Hi All,

In addition to helping Alia, the principal at Robat School in Nili, with a printer, she also indicated a big need for the facility's well to be fixed. The manual pump and handle had been broken for some time so as an alternative, the students were carrying heavy buckets of water from another well a couple hundred meters away. In addition to the arduous and time consuming labor, many of the residents were complaining about the noisy children using this other well. Even though the water is supposed to be for all the people, the constant visits were creating a lot of tension. Alia asked if we could help alleviate the problem.

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With SoA funding, the Female Engagement Team and I hired a local contractor who fixed the pump and replaced the handle in a matter of 2 days. When we returned to check on the progress, we saw the students had initially attached a long hose to the top so they could pump out the stagnant liquid in order to get to the fresh clean water since the well had not been used for several months. Afterwards, they secured a fixture with multiple holes to the spout so the children could put several buckets underneath at one time and collect water more efficiently. We also bought a 1,000 liter tank for them to store water in so they do not have to pump on a daily basis.

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The well repair is important because a few hundred students attend this school on a regular basis, and classes are held all year long. With the summer months heating up, it is good that they have a source of water to cool off and rehydrate. The school does not have electricity (as most don't) and therefore no air conditioning. Thus, it's beneficial that they have a well nearby to help reduce their risk of heat injuries. All of the students seemed very excited about the repairs, and the team was very thankful that Spirit of America could support these kids so quickly in a very meaningful way.

Chrissy Burbach
Afghanistan Field Rep

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