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In the world’s toughest places, we provide what America’s troops and diplomats say is needed to help local people.


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Job Opportunity: Field Operations Project Manager - Middle East

Spirit of America seeks exceptional individuals with US military backgrounds (E-5 or higher) to serve as Project Managers for our work in the Middle East. The Project Manager will work in close cooperation and coordination with US military personnel and diplomats in security and stability operations. He/she will be responsible for providing rapid humanitarian and economic development assistance for needs identified at local levels in some of the world's most challenging environments.

This is an opportunity to see immediate results from one's work and to directly impact US national security and foreign policy objectives. The Project Manager will improve the safety and success of our troops and diplomats and the well-being of local populations. The Spirit of America Project Manager must have tactical-level experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, and/or other current stability and security operations combined with optimism, patience, and a great sense of humor in the face of adversity. Arabic and/or Kurdish language skills are strongly preferred.

This position includes 4-6 weeks of training at the Spirit of America headquarters in Los Angeles. Upon completion of training, the Project Manager will be based out of the Los Angeles office where he/she will manage Spirit of America programs and projects in support of US military and civilian personnel deployed to the Middle East. In the future, this position may shift from being US-based to being based in the assigned region.

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General Mattis and “the power of inspiration”

Mattis with title

The Hoover Institution's Peter Robinson interviewed General (Ret.) Jim Mattis and Spirit of America's founder Jim Hake for Uncommon Knowledge. Watch it here.

Peter asked General Mattis what he thought when he met Hake at Camp Pendleton in December 2003 and heard the idea for Spirit of America. Here's what the General said:

General Mattis: "Peter, here's the bottom line. America has two fundamental powers. One is the power of inspiration. The other is the power of intimidation. Those of us in uniform are in an intimidating role up against the enemy. But we now fight wars among innocent people, among populations that need to be on our side if we're going to win. There is where America's power of inspiration comes to bear. And that's why you want to reach out across the cultural divides ... and make common cause with people.

This [Spirit of America] was going to give us a nongovernmental organization that was unapologetically not neutral ... they were on our side ... like the Special Forces we almost had to pinch ourselves that we had somebody [Jim Hake] with this concept that could bring it to bear."

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Wanted: Vice President of Development

SoA Wanted 2

Spirit of America is searching for a Vice President of Development and Citizen Engagement. This senior executive will help us meet the need for our support by leading and expanding Spirit of America's fundraising programs, marketing, communications, and citizen engagement.

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Interview with General Jim Mattis and Jim Hake

Jim Hake and General (Ret.) Jim Mattis, USMC were interviewed by Peter Robinson for Uncommon Knowledge  – a feature of WSJ Live and the Hoover Institution. Watch the interview here.

Hake and Mattis

General (Ret.) Jim Mattis, USMC and Spirit of America's Jim Hake

Spirit of America "has truly saved lives ... has been worth its weight in gold"
General Mattis is the former 4-star Commander of US Central Command, responsible for US military operations and personnel in the Middle East and Central.

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Medical Consumables in Cambodia

Spirit of America was able to provide the consumable medical supplies needed for the U.S. Embassy's Civil Military Support Element (CMSE) to conduct medical training at two U.S. built Health Centers. Read about it here on the US Embassy Cambodia Facebook page.

chris med

Spirit of America field rep, Chris Clary, helps pack up medical supplies purchased locally for the training.

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Preserving Relationships with Key Afghan Allies

afg allies1

U.S. Marines hand over Camp Leatherneck as part of the withdrawal from Helmand province (image courtesy of NBC News)

On November 10th, 2014, the last remaining Marines in Afghanistan celebrated the 239th birthday of the Corps at Bagram Airfield. Every year's celebration of the Corps's birthday is a big event, but this one was special since it was scheduled to be the last birthday the Marines would celebrate in Afghanistan. The Marines wanted to use the celebration as an opportunity to provide their Afghan partners a token of lasting friendship and a symbol of the bonds forged in combat. Spirit of America was able to help them do just that.

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Spirit of America on Mashable

Click here to view our story on

"Below, we've posted photographs of a handful of refugees at a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan, along with a few details of their lives, courtesy of a nonprofit group called Spirit of America that provides boots to refugees to help them make it through the winter."

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Feedback from Thinadoo School in the Maldives

20150121 121116 resized 1

Students from Thinadoo Primary School in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives gather around to see the new books donated to their school. See more pictures from the event on the US Embassy Facebook page here. Also, check out the Maldivian press release here.

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.