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Help Marines Continue Work in Nawa

Marines in Nawa Improve Local Conditions
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Marines coordinate hand out in Nawa

A new Marine unit is now operating in Nawa, Afghanistan and they plan to continue the efforts of previous Marine units who came before them to improve local condition which will help to sever ties with and need for the Taliban. The Marines have identified school supplies, farming tools, medical necessities and many other items that are needed throughout the Nawa District.

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Request from a Marine NCO in Nawa

"Currently we are working very closely with the local nationals and the National Army here in Nawa, Afghanistan to bolster their communities in hopes that it will shed their need of any ties and support from the Taliban. It has been working amazingly well. Some of our current projects are reinvigorating the communities with necessary functions like schools, medical clinics, local small business development, agricultural assistance, and local infrastructure support."
- A Marine non-commissioned officer in Nawa, Afghanistan

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We recently ordered and shipped 400 solar-powered flashlights for farmers in Nawa. We also ordered and shipped fleece pullover sweaters for children in Nawa in preparation for the coming winter months.

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