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LTC Holloway's Operation Backpack

Provide 25,000 School Kits to Iraqi Children
operation backpack

LTC Linda Holloway with Iraqi children she wants to help

LTC Linda Holloway serving with the Army Reservers as part of RCT-2 team in Western Anbar Province, Iraq needs your support to equip 25,000 Iraqi schoolchildren with supplies for the upcoming school year. In her own words, LTC Holloway describes the current situation and how this outreach can have an impact: About year ago Western Anbar was extremely an unstable environment with an incredible influx of extremities but has improved tremendously which has allowed the Civil Affairs Units to conduct several civil affairs operations for the improvement of the quality of life of the local Iraqis through out the providences. After traveling outside of the wire and seeing the conditions of the schools, great degree of poverty, and witness first hands children running up to service members begging for paper, pens, or pencils. It dawn on me that one of the ways we could have a tremendous impact on the community was to provide the children with back packs that are filled with school supplies".

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Original Request

Project "Operation Back Pack" is simply as we speak a dream, but I do believe in all my heart it will become reality and we as service members will have the opportunity along with the American people to touch the lives of what I refer to as the "Next Generation" of Iraq by providing the children with the necessary tools to be able to function inside a class room. I myself am a College Professor at Alabama A&M University located in Huntsville, Alabama, and I do understand whole heartedly the concepts "reach one teach one" , as well as, "it takes a village to raise a child". Surely, we as Americans can be that village that can and will have an impact on Iraqi children who will be the future leaders of tomorrow. Also, being able to make a difference would allow the military services members an opportunity to continue to impress upon the Iraqi people that we truly care about what happens to them, and we are here to help. Also, this type of project would allow the service members to establish rapport with the locals , and built trust which in turn creates a safer environment for the service members to operate in order to continue to eradicate the providence of the insurgency. We might not be able to help every child but "Operation Back Pack" reminds me of the story where the old man is on the beach with a little boy. And the man is throwing the star fish into the water and the little boy notices that there are millions of star fish. And he says to the old man, "there are so many star fish why throw this one in?" and of course the old man's response is "I might not be able to save all of them but this one I have in my hand I can make a difference with". So, I say that to say, we might not be able to provide backpacks to all the children in Western Anbar, but the ones that we are able to give backpacks to then we will have made a difference in their lives. Once again, I appreciate whatever support you can give. It is my understanding that school starts in September so as you can see I do not have much time but we do appreciate whatever support we can get when we can get it.

Very respectfully,

LTC. Linda J. M. Holloway

Civil Affairs Al Asad Al Anbar-ePRT


This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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Over 2,500 school kits were distributed to Iraqi children. Total donations $14,089. Total spent $31,057. Transferred $8,000 from Unrestricted Fund and $8,000 from Holloway War Widows to cover expenses.

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