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Marines in Nawa, Afghanistan Seek Radios

Marines in Nawa, Afghanistan need radios in their efforts to open minds, open communication and defeat the Taliban.  Click here to get the Marines the radios they need.

1st Lieutenant Mike Kuiper emailed,  The radios you are providing give the people of Nawa a chance to hear what is going on in the world. Right now the only way they hear news is by word of mouth or through the local Mullahs, who are sometimes illiterate. With Radios they can hear that the government is working, and are less likely to join the Taliban and kill American forces. The Taliban continue to prevent the people from being educated, keep the people in fear, and do anything they can to gain power. Support such as with Spirit of America is vital in convincing the people that we are not enemies of Afghanistan, but friends. This is the only way we will win this war.

Radios pick up signals from Nawa itself, and some from Lashkagah and farther. Radios will help them stay in touch with the world more. The governor does radio addresses, we advertise wheat distribution, fertilizer distribution, etc, and it gives them some entertainment while they work.  There are a few villages that aren't as friendly to as others, and we would like to distribute them there. Every single radio you send us will absolutely help win the hearts and minds of Nawa, and also allow them to get information that dispels the lies that Taliban send.  

Here is a photo of Marines in Nawa distributing radios:


Photo Credit: SSG William Greeson, US Marines

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.